Eucalyptus Stricklandii

Eucalyptus Stricklandii is in bloom at the moment.


There are a row of these trees growing along a main road near a friend’s place in the Northern suburbs, and I have admired them each time I’ve visited.  This time I stopped and sampled as well.  I wasn’t the only one. The tree was full of bees, but bees don’t understand about pausing graciously when someone offers to take your picture and make you famous (ahem!) on the web.


There were also fully mature fruit:


And fruit that were nearing maturity:


Buds as well, since this is a eucalypt…


And rather spectacular bark.


Here’s the tree as a whole…


And someone’s tenderly crafted home, fallen to the ground, neatly combining flyscreen wire with vegetation and paper that has been weathered until pliable.


Cocoa and chocolate?  Chestnut and walnut?



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8 responses to “Eucalyptus Stricklandii

  1. Wonderful colors!
    I love reading your blog, there is always so much to learn from it!


  2. SubmarineBells

    Is that the beautiful species that grows along Kelly Road? The one with the iridescent copper new bark? If so, the photos give a hint, but can’t truly show their full beauty. That coppery iridescence just *glows* in sunlight. They’re definitely a favourite of mine!


    • Yes, you’re exactly right! I did my best on the pictures, but I agree I haven’t captured what it is about these trees that has me impressed every time I visit you 🙂


  3. Those are some lovely colours and a beautiful tree!


  4. SubmarineBells

    “Cocoa and chocolate? Chestnut and walnut?”

    Oh, definitely copper and bronze! Given the source, how could it be anything else?


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