Week 3 Silkworm Update with bonus Quilt and Gusset updates

The munching goes on.  Stone fruit are in blossom and coming into leaf, the Manchurian pears in our suburb have been snowing white petals and growing leaves… and I live in hope that more mulberry trees will do likewise very soon!  The one I am depending on is fruiting already.  The worms are getting bigger.


And, I am delighted to announce that confiding in you has moved me to actually do something with my quilt parts.  I have confirmed that I have 20 nicely trimmed panels.


I chose one of my stash fabrics for some sashing.  It’s black, but you know how it is with mood lighting, like the stuff my sewing machine provides in an indoor setting.  I calculated.  I cut.  I stitched it to two sides of each block!


Then, a friend came over with her gallabeya-in-progress.  This is a flowing long-sleeved dress for Egyptian dancing (and, no doubt, other purposes depending on the wearer).  It’s a relative of the caftan.  There was a small problem involving ‘a rhomboid gusset’.  I was afraid when I realised that this pattern piece needed to be reverse engineered and that it wasn’t only a matter of inserting the fiddly little rhomboid…. I had agreed to help on the basis that two minds are better than one on almost every day.  With some help from my stash of retro sewing manuals and the interweb, we sorted it out.  The somewhat random prize goes to this YouTube video by Niler Taylor (who clearly knows her sewing) and Gertie’s blog, which I’ve enjoyed before–just in case anyone out there is having a gusset problem of their own!


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4 responses to “Week 3 Silkworm Update with bonus Quilt and Gusset updates

  1. Glad to hear the silk worms are going to have a supply of leaves just in the nick of time!


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