A little light neighbourhood commentary, and more bees

Since I’ve been a dog aunty, I’ve been walking the neighbourhood even more than usual. It has given me lots of opportunities to see the local bird boxes in use. That is a rainbow lorikeet sitting on top of the box.

2014-10-07 18.30.37

And this, I believe, is the lorikeet wondering what I am up to down there.  Or perhaps the lorikeet is watching the dog!

2014-10-07 18.30.44

This morning, I went to check on a swarm at our friends’ house, and to look in on their chooks.  There have been three swarms in their neighbourhood in addition to those at our house over the last couple of weeks, so our friend the beekeeper has been a regular visitor.  Passing through the same park on the way home… I was admiring the activity of the bees who have moved into a big river red gum (E Camaldulensis) that leans to one side near the creek.  I don’t know if you can see them in this picture–but this is the entry to their home, viewed from below.  In the past I have seen musk lorikeets wing their way out of the same hollow.

2014-10-09 08.29.48

This is one of the trees I tied a handmade banner to a while ago.  You can see it here, dwarfed by the immensity of the tree.

2014-10-09 08.30.00

When I got closer, I realised that someone had added their own commentary to the banner.  In a good way!

2014-10-09 08.29.37


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6 responses to “A little light neighbourhood commentary, and more bees

  1. Yeah for beloved trees. Today I am looking at a hole in the sky where until yesterday, one of the few remaining Blakely’s Red gums that was growing here before the land was sub-divided, stood. No longer. To be fair it wasn’t in the best of health, due in part to the practice of tenants for many years parking their cars underneath and compacting the soil. Still I’m sad to see it go.
    I doubt a replacement will be planted. My partner and I are the odd ones out in actually liking gum trees. The most frequent comment when I am gardening on my nature strip is how ‘messy’ the gums are. Just get over it will you – this is Australia!!!
    Excuse the rant, I’m missing that old gum more than I realised.


    • I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I know exactly the kinds of attitudes your neighbours have–and I hope it’s some little comfort to know you and your partner are not alone.


      • Your thoughts are appreciated. Apart from my two E. manniferas on the nature strip I have 2 Blue Mountain Snow Gums, an Omeo mallee ( the delightfully named E. neglecta) , a Blue Mallee, a native pine Callitris sp. and three largish wattles. Take that all you tree


      • We have quite a collection of small eucs on our block too. E Orbifolia, E Kingsmillii, E Scoparia, E Crenulata, E Nicholii… long may your garden grow. We will be planting around the neighbourhood too.


  2. that’s very sad, you have to have permission here to cut a tree down, but the main problem is there are not enough mature healthy trees, and many many elderly and compromised ones. though there is quite a lot of planting of young trees it will be a hundred years or so before they take the place of those we are losing every time there is a gale or they threaten a building or a road.


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