Free at last!

So many moths!  I spent time at wormspit and learned this one is female, with yellow eggs visible through her skin.


They just kept emerging!


Many, many moths.


Last night the four friends at our house considered whether the silk moths should stay indoors or be released in the garden, where they can have sunlight, air and plants but may become someone else’s dinner.


The garden won. For the rest of their short lives, when they will not even eat… They will be in the garden.


We sat awhile appreciating their beauty and fragility.



Filed under Fibre preparation, Neighbourhood pleasures

9 responses to “Free at last!

  1. Wonderful 🙂 They are so beautiful! I love the delicate colours of silk moths, even if I’ve never seen one IRL. I’ve followed your silk moth project with great interest. Hope to see more in the future!


  2. Did you keep some for more eggs and worms?


  3. Susan

    So ethereal and with the backdrop of flowers, just lovely. Thank you.


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