India Flint posted some time ago about a new project of hers called Solace.  It speaks to lots of issues I think about a good deal.  Holding tough issues like climate change in my mind a lot, I found the concept of solace as a companion on that path a piece of genius.  She has asked for participants to make flags that could form part of an installation: ‘a collective impromptu poem, recorded on cloth, to sing in the winds’.  I love this idea too.  I pitched it to a group of friends who meet to figure out what we might be able to do about climate change.  We were thinking about despair and discouragement and how to respond to these things, and Solace seemed like one way to me.

2014-10-24 16.51.07

I packed my threads and other necessaries (and dinner…).  The core concept is to create a triangular flag (pennon) with a word or words stitched on it–so we needed thread and cloth.

2014-10-24 16.43.22

I also packed fabrics to share around… this one is a print of an extremely fine-leaved native she-oak… and sadly I wrote its name down in a very special secret place I cannot find now…

2014-10-24 16.43.42

This print resulted from a tip India gave me at her workshop.  It was so exciting when I unwrapped this bundle it is hard to believe months have passed without my having another attempt at that glorious green!  My dear friend took this piece of fabric home with some marigold-dyed thread for him to finish later.  There are some others in development too…

2014-10-25 19.17.22

This one is a print from a friend’s pecan leaves.  India proposes: ‘Stitch on it a word or a phrase or a sentence that might act as a wish for peace or an acknowledgement of beauty, imply a sense of stillness or simply something that  gives you solace. It can be as brief or as long as you like. A haiku, a snatch of song, a word that takes you where you want to be.’

2014-11-02 09.25.22

Now for the confession.  I can’t quite believe that I managed to take my eye off the rather simple instructions and make these shapes and not triangular flags as requested. Do not follow my example in this respect!  I am not sure how I’ve become so forgetful, or so bad at following instructions!

2014-11-02 09.25.29

I will either have to make some more–which I might do anyway for sheer pleasure and participation’s sake–and keep these ones at home–or just send these and hope that they will be OK in a crowd of triangles.  Perhaps with some triangular pennons for company.

2014-11-02 09.25.00

So… there is my start on joining in Solace for now. Anyone else participating?

2014-11-02 09.25.11


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21 responses to “Solace

  1. Susan

    Very funny…….sounds like me…what? it’s supposed to be a triangle ???
    The green is lovely and I like your tie shaped flags!


  2. I am sure India will accept non triangular flags especially ones of such beauty, I must get to and do my bit !


    • Looking forward to seeing yours! Today’s thought on not following instructions is that the planner–in this case, India–has the bigger picture and I’m trying to participate. Maybe it doesn’t matter, maybe it does… but there is plenty of time and no sorrow involved in making some triangular contributions 🙂

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  3. Pia

    They are gorgeous and I love the idea of offering visual prayers for the Earth. Since I don’t dye cloth or stitch I may have to develop my own spinoff idea for this…


  4. I hope to do so, how long have we got? I can’t find the email. I love your flags would look great in a garden.


  5. I am intending to do one but at the moment intention is as far as it has got.


  6. oooof. solace. could use some here in the US after the elections…love your triangle plus extension pennants!


  7. morgenmaker

    I had also intended to do one and thank you for your reminder. That’s just the kind of thing I may have done – follow the instructions to a T and then miss one. No worries, nature does that too, it’s called diversity 🙂


  8. I am hoping for some inspiration on this, i really want to participate.


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