Bag making

There came a point in the end of year crazy-pants where I couldn’t stand all the bits and pieces that were lurking around my office/sewing space. Finally, I decided to take action.  Who needs a potato sack in residence in their work space for months?  It went the way of so many potato sacks round here.  This one was a particularly nice sack, with quite a complex weave structure (for a hessian sack).  The printing was even less wash fast than usual (for a hessian sack) but hopefully it will now have another life being appreciated for its carrying qualities.

2014-11-29 16.38.19

Then there were all the small pieces of fabric left over from other things.  I created patchwork from them and soon had enough for a bag (or two!) lined with eco-prints I like less.

2014-11-29 18.15.55

These are mostly small pieces of pre-loved garments that have been turned into other things, with or without prior leaf prints.  This one has already gone to a happy home with friends who use bags all the time.

2014-11-29 18.15.49

And then there was the ongoing bag patching ritual.  There were three or four new holes… so my favourite bag got yet another patching job.  From this:

2014-11-23 12.35.17

To this!

2014-11-23 13.14.30


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4 responses to “Bag making

  1. Wow they are quite stunning. I need to have a go at this, especially the dyeing of the scraps with leaves etc before making them into new things. I’m cleaning the house for xmas and have been gathering the scrap fabrics but wondering what to do with them as they all look so ghastly. This is what to do with them! I’m inspired.


  2. Susan

    Wonderful mixing and matching and a la Rebecca at, use the scraps to make a larger piece for a Gift Wrap. These were the linings??? I’d want them on the outside!!


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