Jars of summer’s glory

I’ve been collecting for a while now… as flowers finish or petals fall.

2014-11-29 13.27.30

After re-potting, the daylily had a bumper season, flowering for weeks.  The maroon pelargonium also did well, and I picked up all the dead flowers as their petals fell.

2014-11-15 12.02.22

My friends have hollyhocks, some almost black and some a little more pink and purple.

2014-12-06 18.16.51

They’re patient or even encouraging when I collect spent blooms… and realise that they will end up being stuffed into jars for steeping and storing following India Flint’s method of preservation dyeing (more or less).  This is my new favourite way to dye embroidery thread.  I never thought I could be converted to embroidery, no matter how simple.

2014-11-29 18.19.08

And, it is hibiscus season again.  I went along for a ride to West Lakes for others to do open water swimming.  The dog and I found an entire hedge of red hibiscus (we’re temporary dog aunties again), and I just happened to have a bag with me.  I know–how fortuitous!

2014-12-07 15.14.31

Closer up…

2014-12-07 15.14.46

And here is the dye jar result of picking up all those spent flowers.  Hollyhocks on the left, hibiscus on the right.  The jars that have come to me as a result of Mum having a favourite brand of mayonnaise are all finding good uses despite being a bit too big for jam.  these jars of summer’s glory will now sit and steep in all their jewel like colours for about a year.

2014-12-09 11.46.54



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8 responses to “Jars of summer’s glory

  1. Susan

    I love it but think I will have to wait for summer 🙂 Going into winter here…
    They look good enough to drink/eat……..


    • People do tend to assume they are edible! And yes, I think this is a sport fo rthe warmer times of the year. After all these years reading back to front seasons from this side of the globe, it’s pretty funny to be inflicting this experience on you 🙂 I hope the thought of summer is cheering…


  2. Exciting, can’t wait to see the results.


  3. and why on earth didn’t I think to do this? my jars will be ready to open soon. they look rather murky. these look very exciting!


  4. a year! what patience you have….


    • Well… to be honest I am a bit patchy on patience! I will have a lot of speedier projects humming alongside these slow ones. And I like looking at the jars doing their slow thing.


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