Guerilla saltbush planting–and more solace pennants

The latest round of saltbush seedlings have gone out into the big, wide (hot, dry) world.  With the occasional alyssum seedling carried along for the ride.  We loaded up the wheelbarrow and headed out with our well soaked seedlings.

2014-12-07 12.27.33

There was precious little soil to plant them in, in places… but we will just try them out and see how far they get.  We were planting by a pedestrian and cycle crossing, and I was a bit surprised by how many people thanked and congratulated us, perhaps giving us credit for planting that has been done by the council, as well as the 20 or so plants we were setting out.

2014-12-07 12.25.58

Once they were watered in, we wandered off down the road to spread a bit more mulch and pick plastics out of the mulch council has supplied.  Since planting we have realised that the council workers who are watering the council plantings are also watering the ones we put in–awesome!

2014-12-07 12.32.41

There have been yet more pennants for Solace… I went to a conference and spent the quiet evenings, of which there were few, stitching away on these.

2014-12-07 19.35.25

Some are double sided… I told my sister (we had dinner one night while I was conferencing) about the project and she asked what I was writing on the pennants.  When I said ‘ladybirds’ she laughed and said she felt that way about ladybirds too!

2014-12-07 19.34.22
‘Weeding and revegetation’ seemed an appropriate one to show in this post… but when I made this pennant I was thinking of dear friends who weed and care for precious places in the Blue Mountains and beyond… and of pulling out caltrop in the new plantings in our street, which is part of the route of a bikeway!  Caltrop produces the ‘three corner jack’, a vicious spiny seed capsule more than capable of piercing a thong (flip flop) or deflating a bicycle tyre.  For another contribution to the project, you might like to go here and be inspired.



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6 responses to “Guerilla saltbush planting–and more solace pennants

  1. Susan

    Priceless, ‘they’ are watering your Saltbrush plantings. Looked them up and they should survive…yea! Really liked the Nana T’s linen shirt story.


  2. So much better than the council in Surrey Hills, Victoria pulling out the grevilleas and lemon-scenteds that my father planted in the “nature strip” in the sixties.
    And may I say how delighted I am at the Solace pennants…the collective text poem is going to be such a joy to collate and I’m so looking forward to hanging them all!


    • It is so sad when local custodians turn tree haters! I am really looking forward to the installation… It has been a pleasure holding the idea of solace in my mind. And I have a parcel of them ready to post tomorrow.


  3. oh goodness – you’re so terribly sweet to point to my humble pennant work — which I have to get posted off soon (I’m making a little zine of sorts to go with)…. I’ll have to make sure to send you one too (if you like)


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