More guerilla plantings

One relatively fine morning last week, out I went with ruby saltbush, a couple of feijoa trees gifted by friends for just such a purpose, and some olearias also gifted for neighbourhood plantings by a friend. Plus, tools and water!

2015-08-20 07.40.16

Those saltbush went in as sweetly as ever, right beside a parking lot on one side and a railway line on the other.  Bless them, ruby saltbush are growing bigger all round the place.

2015-08-20 08.00.52

This year I have managed to get them to sprout all winter.  It is a thing of wonder to me, and evidence of the tough and adaptable nature that allows ruby saltbush to grow so well in such tough places.

2015-08-20 08.01.06

The feijoas went in too.  I have chosen a place where there is a fair depth of decent soil in hopes that they will make it to grow and fruit.  I happen to know there is at least one person who lives nearby who would love two more neighbourhood feijoa trees!

2015-08-20 08.01.29

Just the same, this is a challenging spot.  The neighbours have been tipping out the contents of pot plants onto this bed.  So I thought I’d better plant things big enough to yell ‘don’t bury me!’ in case this happens again.

2015-08-20 08.01.34

Seedlings out, weeds and rubbish back to our place, together with an empty watering can.  Perfect.

2015-08-20 08.19.57

Since I had empty pots again, I decided to prick out bladder saltbush seedlings.  And since I had pricked out all those that had sprouted, I planted some more.  Here are those seeds, with their ‘bladders’ wrapping them wonderfully!  Hopefully they will enjoy the warmer weather and sprout up ready to be planted around and about…

2015-08-20 08.41.00

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One response to “More guerilla plantings

  1. Susan

    What interesting seeds with those wrappers 🙂 Great plantings! thanks.


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