An outbreak of bags

Apparently one bag leads to another.  At least, it does for me! Part of this rash of bags was brought on by a bit of op shopping–I found a packet of venetian blind cord and having such suitable cord made my fingers itch.

2015-09-29 16.57.24

These are linen scraps gifted to me some time ago. The lining is recycled, eucalyptus printed raw silk.

2015-09-29 16.57.39

Maple leaf prints paired with scrap denim from making jeans.  One pair of jeans led to several others–but that was some years ago now and I lost my nerve!

2015-09-29 16.57.48

The lining is from the lining of a second hand jacket.

2015-09-29 16.58.10

Can I stop at three???

2015-09-29 16.58.30


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12 responses to “An outbreak of bags

  1. SubmarineBells

    These are beautiful! I particularly love the surprise!hot-pink-silk lining.


  2. Nope. (And I’ll take one if you have any spare!)


  3. These are so nice, I love the unique shape – great job x


  4. Please please please will you come visit the States and give me a lesson in getting things done???? Your productivity is amazing! I accumulate materials, have ideas rattling in my brain, but somehow the connection to get it to the actual making gets lost….
    And the bags are soooo pretty too. Ditto on the surprise lining.


    • I think the main strategy is just to keep going. No matter if the steps are small. And to go with my whims when they pass by (often a sudden burst of enthusiasm is a highly productive moment). I awoke this morning itching to make more bags and with a particular piece of fabric in mind, so I leapt up, mopped the floor and then went for it. But honestly I am currently trying to make a shirt. It doesn’t show… but that is the real project. I have the pattern out on the floor and pieces of fabric piled beside it. There has been some embroidery. But that shirt might take six months or more 🙂 The other thing is never to sit with idle fingers. I spin or knit or sew in front of TV, in meetings, on public transport. Which I prefer to sitting still, and it all comes to something, somehow. but coming to the US and meeting you sounds like fun too!


  5. I found a website you might like – there’s also a blog with it. Boro!


  6. Why stop? 🙂
    You can never have too many bags!


  7. I love the prints! Here, I too am overcome a rash of bags! One featuring the very first spinning attempt yarn which became a squirrel bag for a daughter and one being an experiment on contact printing eucalyptus leaves onto crochet, using some hand spun wool that came my way. 3 more bags are under construction . . It has been an exciting school holiday so far 🙂


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