Laptop sleeve


It all began with a whirlwind surprise visit from my daughter. She was not especially interested in going out or doing anything special.  The special was spending time together, and I shared her point of view, so we ate from the garden and lurked about.  She asked about this:


2015-10-03 14.39.06

It’s part of a pram, or perhaps a baby carrier for a car… abandoned by the tram line some time ago.  I picked it up a week or two ago thinking I could at least put it in our bin.  But then I got to thinking about whether there could be re-use for the straps at least, and recycling of some of the parts (there is quite a bit of aluminium).  Picturing the effort required  led to delay!  However, since we were sitting chatting and the weather had turned warm, out came scissors, screwdrivers, the hacksaw… and soon I had three piles for rubbish, re-use and recycling.  Company and conversation are wonderful.

2015-10-03 15.25.16

Then we had a chat about whether there was anything she would like me to make and she asked for a laptop sleeve.  So some of the polyester batting came back out of the bin!

2015-10-03 16.31.39

She chose some of the upholstery fabric offcuts I still have lying about, and a cotton flanellette covered in little birds that must once have been a cot sheet for the lining.

2015-10-03 16.44.33

There was measuring calculating and and ironing and quilting of the most basic sort and mitre-ing of corners.  Pretty soon, there was a laptop sleeve.

2015-10-03 17.45.09

It fits and it will protect… and she loves it!

2015-10-03 17.45.38


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7 responses to “Laptop sleeve

  1. elizabeth

    Glad you had the chance to spend time with your daughter and to make something she wanted win win enjoy,I miss !y children three of them live in Queensland so no unexpected visits


  2. Every one of your posts gives me ideas. This idea is just so unusual. I would never have thought of such a great way to recycle. A thing of beauty that is useful for one you love…out of rubbish. Beautiful.


    • Thanks Keryn! This was really just serendipity–setting out to make something that needed padding and realising we had just released padding… Thanks for your kind appreciation!


  3. manja

    Two whirlwind surprises! A daughter and a recycled laptop sleeve collaboration!


  4. Rebecca

    Delightful recycle! Is that Ink and Spindle fabric? The kangapaw is lovely.


    • Thank you! That is cloth fabric. I love the kangaroo paw too! I had 6 chairs upholstered and asked for all the scraps. I am not done with them all yet! I am still very much enjoying waysides, by the way–and have been thinking about my very own waysides and how different they are from Annie’s and yours… hers especially, of course!


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