Happy unbundling

Before I went to Mansfield, I had a moment of imagining what it would be like to return from a sewing circle and re-enter the world of work at the crunch point of the year.  So I took some steps to create things to return home to. I gathered leaves and retrieved saved leaves.

2015-11-13 09.07.55

I decided on a well used round table-cloth I’d been given.  Much loved and much washed and presumed (by me) to be linen.

2015-11-13 09.08.03

No round tables here.  It was destined to be ripped and turned into something new.  I added in woad leaves and seeds as well as E Scoparia leaves and continus nipped from a tree that hangs over a fence.  Here is a stuff, steep and store jar of woad seeds where the silk thread within is turning purple, with a continus leaf for colour comparison.  Wow!

2015-11-13 09.47.30

The bundles went into the dye pot on the day I left home.  Just as I headed out to a laundrette to deal with a laundry crisis that reorganised my last day at home and shall not be detailed here.

2015-11-13 09.40.16

I pulled them out of the dye pot as I went to the airport. Finally, some time after I returned, unbundling time arrived.  The Euc prints are wonderful!

2015-11-23 17.53.36

I just love linen!

2015-11-23 17.53.20

The woad leaves and seeds left traces of green and burgundy and purplishness. But only traces.  The bundle may have been a bit too loose. Ah, but those few continus leaves gave purple!  Who knew?  Well, I didn’t!  But now I am glad I bought one on special at a nursery last winter.  It had lost its leaves and was not a prepossessing looking plant at the time, but now… well… I need to let it keep growing, clearly…

2015-11-23 17.52.20


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14 responses to “Happy unbundling

  1. I’m part wsy through unbundling just noe, but things are looking very subdued. Will report later.


  2. What beautiful results! I have some scraps of linen, quite small that I would like to print on and convert into to a patch bag. They have been dunked in the sea and dried. I also have some shop bought soya milk that a friend tried and did not like and I was wondering if you know if this ‘ready made’ soya milk works well as a mordant, rather than the whole bean soak process?


  3. Lydia

    Happy Unbundling Days Aplenty for Christmas… Your prints with leaves look wonderful – I think I may have to look into finding out how to do this myself. Lovely to read your blog and Merry Christmas….


    • Thanks Lydia, that’s very kind of you! I can only highly recommend this process as low cost (unless you insist on silks…), a good way to learn more about your local plants, and fun! Wishing you a lovely 2016. m


  4. the purples are fabulous…I have a tiny cotinus from a plant swap this autumn…now there’s even more reason to love it. Maybe it can alleviate some of my eucalyptus envy (once it’s big enough). : )
    Wishing you and yours happy and healthy holidays and looking forward to another year of wonderful posts about your adventures in making a better, more beautiful world.


    • Aren’t the purples amazing? It’s a further argument for time as dyer’s friend. My cotinus is tiny too, but apparently I can wait. Thanks for your kind holiday wishes. I hope you have a fabulous holiday season and a wonderful new year too!


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