Gift slippers

There is no end to the slipper making.  I just have to embrace my fate!  My brother-out-law let me know he wouldn’t mind another pair a while back, and perhaps he rigged the family Kris Kringle, because I ended up with him as my Kris Kringle. I knew what to do.

2015-12-20 17.02.41

It’s the ever popular Fibertrends Felted Clog pattern by Bev Galeskas.  Knit from Bendigo Woollen Mills alpaca blend, which works extremely well.

2015-12-20 17.11.48

Here they are, knit and ready to sew together.

2015-12-20 17.33.33

Sewn and ready to felt.

2015-12-20 18.29.14

Partway through felting at 65C.

2015-12-22 09.21.05

Ready for recipient, just in time for our departure!


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8 responses to “Gift slippers

  1. Hi Maz
    are you putting something inside the slipper to stop it felting together? (sorry if you’ve said this previously, but I can’t remember, old age!)


  2. Susan

    Oh my, they sure look comfy! One lucky out law.


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