Propagation for the guerilla garden

There have been a few questions about how I propagate plants for guerilla gardening.  So here it is, with pictures!  I collect seeds, often from public plantings, and then I plant them.  Preferably in spring.  For plants I haven’t tried before, spring is my first choice to grow from seed.  I plant close to the surface, because so many seem to me to come up at the edges of garden beds, beside rocks… some of them are coming up without being buried.

2015-12-20 16.58.01

I was originally planting seed direct into each pot.  However, I’ve had a lot of success with pricking them out, something I have never bothered with doing for vegetables!  So in the front here you can see tiny nitre bushes that have been pricked out at two leaves.

2015-12-20 16.58.08

In the front here there are wattles that have gone a little further.

2015-12-20 16.58.11

From there I just let them grown until they are big enough to hold their own if planted out into the world of passing dogs and foot traffic and the council poisoner.

2015-12-20 16.58.30

I am really pretty amazed at what I have been able to grow so simply.

2015-12-20 16.58.48

And now for quite unrelated eye candy of eucalypts flowering in my neighbourhood, and some bee happiness.

2015-12-21 14.07.05

So glorious!

2015-12-21 14.08.25


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6 responses to “Propagation for the guerilla garden

  1. Rebecca

    Oooo, you have got me thinking about all the indig things popping up in my own garden that I could pot up and replant. I have always wanted to plant out our nature strip. Perhaps the time is now!

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  2. purplejulian

    you are teaching yourself to be a botanist/expert gardener …. ever thought of a new career?!!!


  3. Susan

    Definitely the GREEN THUMB! So impressive. I just don’t have the ‘vibes’.


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