Transformation: Towels to yoga mat

We have some well and truly pre-loved towels in this place.  My beloved calculates that these are close to 30 years old.

2015-12-13 15.26.28

I regard them as quick drying, even if they are fraying at the edges!  I use them at the beach, or at exercise group.  Other people pull out a plastic yoga mat and I pull out one of these.  This winter, they were thinner than previously and when it was wet, other women in the group felt sorry for me.  One offered me a spare yoga mat.  I just don’t fancy it, though I am grateful for her generosity.  The more times I think ‘plastic is forever’ the less I want unnecessary plastic in my life, on top of all the plastic there already is and has been.

2015-12-18 14.19.48

I decided to just stitch the two thinnest towels together and bind the edges to deal with the fraying.  I chose a nice thin fabric for the binding. I think I made a shirt out of this… over twenty years ago… but there was enough left for binding.  So I practised up my binding skills.

2015-12-18 14.44.54

Stitched on the first side…

2015-12-18 15.04.47

And machine stitched the second edge down.  So… it will dry more slowly, but hopefully everyone can relax about my yoga mat now!


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10 responses to “Transformation: Towels to yoga mat

  1. Susan

    Waste not, want not…I swear you are the ONE 🙂 Good for you.

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  2. purplejulian

    that is wonderful. now I feel guilty about binning my huge Afghan kelim yesterday, all mothy where it had been under the big bed and on the other side, the desk … could have saved the middle, but too repulsed by the beastly mothiness disaster to be honest …. by the way I have a soft yoga mat made of latex, I agree, nasty plastic not nice ….


  3. Margaret Ford

    I use old towels for lots of things but you have made them beautiful! I love the description of an ageing bald towel as “quick drying”! You must have good storage options tho’, to keep them for thirty years?

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    • But they are quick drying! Because, as you quite rightly say, they are bald! I think we have bought only two beach towels since these ones, so we are fine for shelf space…


  4. Bec Plumbe

    I also love my old towels and dislike plastic yoga mats, so I’m inspired to see this! However, I imagine a towel could be a bit slippy on a wooden floor. Thoughts? Perhaps a few stripes of paint-on latex?


  5. Rebecca

    Another great repurposed project. I too keep towels till they have holes. I use a yoga mat that I now realise is almost 20 years only, one of the plastic ones. One day it may need replacing… But there are always towels!


    • Three cheers for towels! I had a period when I collected all the waste water from the kitchen in buckets to haul to the garden and had constant towel floor mats… I use them in dyeing… covering steering wheels so they can be touched in summer when you get into the car… picnic rugs… 20 years is a great lifetime for any yoga mat–further evidence we may be siblings separated at birth 🙂


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