New year’s guerilla gardening

2016-01-14 17.42.31

Some of the guerilla plantings from last year are coming along very well indeed!  Shrubs are looking shrub like.  Ground covers are bushing out.

2016-01-14 17.23.03

I made two trips with silver leaved saltbush plants (two trips doubles the amount of water I can apply, and there is a parched planting nearby).  This is prime growing time for saltbush so hopefully they will take off!

2016-01-14 17.38.25

I have continued adding to this area. I think it is looking great, and I have larger plants in seedling form that I can add now that they will be protected.  There is another spot in the neighbourhood where a house has been bought and sold and the new owner really likes the plantings I have made beside his driveway.  He has given them little sticks so that no one can miss the fact of their existence, and my beloved has seen him watering them–and had a chat!  They are really growing well now.  And all of this is a comfort because last week the council came through weeding and tending, and the next day an entire planting of twenty or thirty plants began to wilt in the way that plants that have been poisoned do.  I have no idea why they decided on poison after almost a year in which they have come by several times.  The plants were getting to a nice solid size… and perhaps they were judged to be too big.  I guess a guerilla gardener has to take casualties in her stride and keep propagating…

2016-01-14 17.37.48


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6 responses to “New year’s guerilla gardening

  1. Those plantings are looking great. Commiserations fot the lost plants 😕


  2. Susan

    Oh KWAP! the ‘big’ ones are so impressive and how could ‘they’ ????
    Have you ever tried to talk to ‘them’ ?


    • I have spoken with a lot of the council workers over time. But there are a large number of different people coming through with different levels of skill and responsibility, different jobs to do and different attitudes. Many are lovely, and they are doing the job they have partly because they love plants. But sometimes there is a ute that drives down the street with a weedicide sprayer hanging out the window… no chance to chat to that chap!


  3. Chrissy Guzzi

    Contact the council, if the plants are not listed an ignoramus contractor might think they are weeds.


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