Holiday sock knitting

There came a point in our Late December-early January holiday travels when I turned to my beloved and admitted that I might run out of sock yarn.  Is this the time for a confession?  I pre-wrote posts that could auto-load while we were gone.  And I brought back a pile of knitted goodies which might take some time to show and tell.

But back to the holiday yarn shortage.  I had all the sock yarn I owned with me, except a mighty skein of handspun sock yarn that is finer than 4 ply (fingering).  I have lost my nerve on that for the time being.  I had reached the end of the sock yarn in my stash. I did have a lot of yarn with me, bound for things other than socks, but still.  I suspect I am harder company in the absence of sock yarn, because my beloved insisted on acquiring more as a Christmas gift, and fast!

2016-01-02 14.47.37

Pretty soon I had worked my public transport app skillz and got us to a yarn shop in Melbourne.  We left with three balls of sock yarn.  Nothing local or naturally dyed about it, ahem. Here the first sock is out at a lunch of kedgeree.

2016-01-05 13.01.25

What a fun knit the first pair were… holiday time is knitting time, so they were finished in Coogee at a friend’s house in super quick time. Needless to say the second pair were cast on without delay.

2016-01-07 15.32.03

And now this pair have gone to live with one of our treasured friends.  You have to love people who get a text message asking if they want a pair of hand knit socks and demanding to know the length of their foot who respond enthusiastically and with the required information.  You know, because socks are such urgent stuff.  In midsummer!

2016-01-13 16.59.53


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14 responses to “Holiday sock knitting

  1. a splendid pair! The mid-summer heat seems trapped in those cuff colours.


  2. Susan

    Yes, loved the slash of yellow!!


  3. SubmarineBells

    Gorgeous colours! What yarn is it?


  4. Rebecca

    Yes sorry, nothing local in Melb yarn shops! The noro is gorgeous though. Knit on through the heat!


    • Nothing local in shops here either. But I am feeling very motivated about spinning my own this season… and there is nothing like Noro to make me feel it is possible. I am mentally creating a post about the lessons a spinner should learn from Noro sock yarn… ‘Your single broke when you were plying? Never mind, just tie a knot and start plying from a different bobbin entirely!’ ‘Even… did someone tell you your yarn should be even?’


  5. Nothing wrong with pre-loaded posts. I’ve done it quite a bit, often when I don’t want to ‘flood the market’ but I’ve actually got a lot written out.


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