An outbreak of hats

2015-09-10 15.29.04

This is an oatmeal Blue Faced Leicester dyed by The Thylacine and spun three ply by me.

2015-09-10 15.29.21

It is rather fine, but I decided to knit a hat anyway and settled on one from Barbara Walker’s Knitting from the top, which is more of a concept plan than a pattern.  Perfect for handspun.  And then it turned out I could use the DPNs a friend surprised me by giving me a while back (I had helped her out with i-cord, and it was sheer pleasure, but I think that may have triggered the gift in some way).  They are a rather unusual size, delectably pretty and perfect for the job.

2015-09-27 14.03.50

While this hat was on the needles, I decided to cast on another in grey corriedale, dyed with eucalyptus and spun three ply and about 10 ply (worsted).  I made a rolled brim hat from Knitting for Peace. Easy and fast.  My picture taking was interrupted by our house guest, who turned out to be camera shy.

2015-09-27 14.04.29

At about this point, there was a hiatus and that first hat sat on the needles until holidays rolled around.  And then, there was an absolute outbreak that continued for some time after we returned from holidays.  There were some with oddments of experimental yarns (some early corespun in this case).

2016-03-07 13.09.15

Here is some handspun natural polwarth with some Noro sock yarn for contrast. Blocking wouldn’t hurt it a bit.

2016-03-07 13.09.50

Indigo dyes, logwood exhaust dye, eucalyptus bark dyes…

2016-03-07 13.08.29

Mohair, alpaca blend… you name it!  I even used up random commercial black yarn.

2016-03-07 13.08.51

I made some doll and bear hats. What else are oddments for?

2016-03-07 13.09.33

Then came the day I cast on with some super thick, super soft eucalyptus dyed wool of mystery and stopped.  Last night I managed to finish, finally.  I lashed out and blocked this one just to show I can.

2016-03-07 12.46.17

Most of these are Jared Flood’s Turn A Square.  More or less.  That first hat–I did finish it, and it was claimed by a friend while we were on holiday.  I don’t think she would really want her photo on the interwebs, so you’ll just have to trust me about it being finished.  However, half the skein remains so there may yet be a reprise. If I can ever bear to knit another hat!  I am the person doing all these repetitive series of makes, and even I find it hard to understand…

2016-03-07 12.46.07


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15 responses to “An outbreak of hats


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  2. ‘Gasp’…you’re on fire and the hats are gorgeous! Heavens what a frenzy.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. wow! hatapalooza…what a beautiful collection. There will be happy warm heads this winter.
    The post is showing up rather strangely though…dated September 22, 2015, in between “This week in guerilla gardening the neighbourhood” and “14 more ruby saltbush plants.”


  4. Chrissy Guzzi

    rather than a “series of repetitive” makes you seem to create a body of work, pieces that are all interlinked, trying out different colour choices etc.. It really works I think. I kept getting distracted from the hats by the lovely lino printed background, yours I presume?

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    • Goodness, Chrissy! That’s a very generous interpretation that will have me thinking for some time. Thanks for the food for thought. I am flattered you think I could produce that background but it is upholstery on a chair. It’s a print by Cloth.Possibly the best decorating decision I have ever made (and one of the few intentionally made)–one of many lovely prints in their collection.


  5. Rebecca

    In one of those strangely synchronos moments, I have just come from another blog working through series of garmets with small adjustments of colour and pattern. it seems a very meaningful meditation in subtlety and constraint but with bountiful artefacts of the process remaining. Brava! Happy International Women’s Day to you.

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    • Goodness… another lovely reflection to keep my mind ticking over… Happy International women’s day to you also! It has been a treat to have IWD so well recognised thus far today!


  6. I sometimes go down that rabbit hole myself. This year I have restricted the hat knitting to Sundays. And since I knit baby hats for a local hospital, it’s easy to get one done in a day. All of yours are just lovely! The yarns are gorgeous.


  7. I love them all, but especially the natural hat with the orange contrast stripes, lovely! also the bears and dolls hats ! I overcame a hat frenzy a few months ago and now I find myself with a recurrence of scrap bag-itus!


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