So many hand made bags!

When I turned that pair of Thai fishing pants into bag linings a while back… it had the predictable effect of setting off a bag jag. Since then, there have been dozens more.  In fact, I gave some away without ever photographing them.  I lost count.  One had a silk panel of E Cinerea leaves and a hemp base, with purple sheeting lining.

2016-02-11 17.16.11

A few had ikat fabrics salvaged from the op shop.

2016-01-30 10.59.08

There were fabrics from my friend’s mother’s stash.  Her mother has now passed on, but I think she would be pleased to know they were being used and appreciated.  There were fabrics from my stash acquired with other purposes in mind, or perhaps no purpose at all.  Those red flowers mystify me.

2016-02-07 19.10.12

E Cinerea leaves on calico and hemp fabric left over from making a pair of shorts.

2016-02-11 17.17.17

Bags with dragonflies.

2016-02-14 09.42.44

Bags with flowers. I remember acquiring this fabric in Melbourne! There are two-handled models and over-the-shoulder models.

2016-02-11 17.14.49

On the lining front, I used up a lot of manufacturers’ waste sheeting offcuts, and not before time (having had them for perhaps 20 years).  But scraps from recent sewing went into the mix too, along with random findings of patch-worked flour-bag-scraps.  Apparently this strange fixation with sewing little bits together has been going on longer than I imagine.

2016-02-09 08.21.14

There was a series of bags made with fat quarters (at least, I think that’s what they were) acquired when I made a quilt panel for a community quilt project.

2016-01-25 17.27.09

I still love these fabrics, and a friend let me see hers peeping out of her backpack on the bus to work recently.  It evaded photography apparently–and I see these are also lined with Thai fishing pant fabrics!

2016-01-25 17.26.18

But honestly, linings both fugly and lovely (to my eye) have been created.  Some fugly fabrics became lovely linings.

2016-01-25 17.57.31

Somewhat faded batiks from a garage sale.

2016-02-07 19.20.33

Screenprints of a cockatoo, from the same garage sale!  One of was destined for a friend whose taste is deliriously nineteen eighties even now, bless her. She loves it.

2016-02-07 19.20.53

Oh my.  Well, that was a major incursion into the stash.  Lots of bags were gifted over afternoon tea with a clutch of friends, which was great fun (I like it when people can choose what they really like and will use).  Then more at another celebratory lunch with a different bunch of friends. Others have been stuffed with handspun wool and handed to a friend undergoing horrible cancer treatment who still finds knitting a pleasure; stuffed with yarn for a knitting obsessive who is excited about my most outrageously strange yarns; wrapped around an awkwardly shaped birthday gift for another treasure in my life; and taken home full of clothes by my daughter instead of her using some random plastic bag.  Some have been handed to people who seem like especially strong candidates for some sentimental reason or because of a sense of taste or the sheer wish to give a gift.

As I neared the finish line and my puff started to recede, I realised I had a hessian potato sack with a hole in it awaiting attention.  Converted to a bag, mended and embellished all in one step! Then I tidied up remaining scraps by making the final two bags and called it the end of this particular bag jag.  A pile of bags has gone to Port Augusta to be shared with Adnyamathanha women through her work.  And there’s an end of it, until next time!




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8 responses to “So many hand made bags!

  1. Susan

    Lordy……..when you get going, you get going!!! My fave is the first one. But I did like the Hessian bag also…………


  2. You can now officially be renamed “The Bag Lady”…… a title to wear with pride!


    • I agree, thanks! I had a housemate who used to call me the bag hag. It was partly because, apparently, I never leave home without at least three… and partly because this is not my first bag jag 🙂


  3. SubmarineBells

    So many beautiful bags! I certainly treasure the one you gave me. I didn’t get a chance at the time to notice and appreciate the lovely interior lining made of what appears to be patchworked flour sacks and teatowels. And I do love the gorgeous exterior fabric, all resplendent in red! Thank you once again. 🙂


    • What could be better than giving a hand made gift to someone who will enjoy and treasure it? I know you understand what I mean here 🙂 I am delighted that you’re enjoying it! So I gave you the one with floursack and tablecloth lining! I love making all those little bits into a whole again, when the fabrics are so trusty. I still have a parcel for you…


  4. you are amazing…what incredible output and generosity and creativity!

    Liked by 1 person

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