Guerilla gardening after the rain

2016-03-10 07.50.17

We had some quite substantial rain overnight last week, the first of autumn.  I took it as a sign!

2016-03-10 08.07.24

These little ruby saltbush plants are destined for a spot along the tram line where contractors have planted tiny plants into deep mulch, so that their roots never touch the earth below (which is packed hard).  It is amazing that any survived, but some did.  And there are lots of barren patches.  The mulch is starting to convert to soil.  So… in they went.

2016-03-10 08.07.15

And then some more.  I would like to expand out from this point into an area that is colonised by pest tree seedlings and weeds at present, but it gets poisoned.  So I am thinking it might need to be done slowly, edging out rather than interplanting the whole patch and risking losing all those seedlings when the weeds get poisoned.

2016-03-10 08.07.52

Some of the little eucalypts that went in here are doing well.  They are almost as tall as I am now.

2016-03-10 08.07.46

Ah, the joy that is rain!


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3 responses to “Guerilla gardening after the rain

  1. Yes wasn’t the rain fantastic. Everyone breaths a sigh of relief for a while don’t they and there’s nothing like real rain and a bit of lightening to add energy and vitality to everything…even us.,


  2. Susan

    That rain looks lovely esp after all your heat. Our rain is COLD, interspersed with hail/wind and some sun. But our time will come ;0


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