Transformations: Towel to pot holders

There was just a strip of towel left from my previous effort in towel transformations.  One day I was looking at our very sad pot holders (we call them pot grabbers here!) and it occurred to me that we could have some new ones. Pretty soon I had two layers cobbled together from my towel ends.

2016-02-25 09.44.41

The old ones were made the same way and in the end I washed them and re-covered them. This one obviously had a moment in the flame, and a hard life!

2016-02-25 09.46.40

The first one got a new cover stitched by machine and hand finished with some embroidery thread that was a really good match!

2016-02-25 11.12.23


2016-02-25 17.58.17

The next one got a new cover with E Cinerea prints. You can see what an improvement it would be…

2016-02-25 18.12.12

Then finally, in a week focused on finishing things… and after my beloved asked if we would ever get them back…. I covered the final pot grabber.

2016-03-14 15.10.54

I know it’s traditional to have a loop or a ring on a pot holder’s corner.  Last time I sewed on curtain rings.  This time I have faced the reality.  We are slatterns who just throw the pot grabbers into the cupboard with the saucepans.  We have no hook for them and clearly we’re not bothered by its absence.  So here they are, done at last!

2016-03-14 15.10.37



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8 responses to “Transformations: Towel to pot holders

  1. Margaret Ford

    You are so energetic! Now, I’m the REAL slattern….I don’t even have any pot “grabbers”. I use the tea towels. After all, who dries dishes any more? I was tempted to make some though, seeing yours. But mine would just sit around trying to look decorative!


    • Oh, a competition for the most slatternly! That could be fun. Do you think we need a club? I love tea towels, we have a big selection. But we also have a gas stove and gas oven. I spy an OHS hazard using them for this purpose. But that might be about my skill. Watching India Flint tend a wood fire in a long and flowing frock was just another example of observing things she can do that I don’t expect I ever will be able to (not safely, anyway!)

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  2. Your home must be chock a block full of the most lovingly and hand made beauties….you are a role model for us all.

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  3. Susan

    One question…do you ever sleep ? Just asking………..


  4. You could sew a small magnet into one corner then the pot grabbers will stick to the outside of the stove…

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