Alas, the red socks!

Once upon a time, I cast on a lovely pair of red socks, from possum wool.  They had an intended recipient and unusually, I had told her they were coming.


Here we are on the way to work on the bus. I am known to some in my workplace as the parsley fairy.


Here they are on the way to the Newcastle Local Court, out of focus on the window ledge of the plane.  And then, one day I went to a long series of meetings and was one and a half socks in, past the heel and on the home strait toward the toe… I remember seeing the bag with the socks in it on my office desk and thinking I should pack that to take home.  I caught an usual series of public transport home, and when I stopped to change from bus to tram and the tram was late, I got out my knitting.  Well, I would have, but it was GONE!!!!  I know you will understand I hunted high and low and contacted several different possible places a lost sock might be handed in.  But I think I have to face the fact that my one and a half socks, wool, needles and bag… are GONE to who only knows where?  But quite likely, somewhere where those socks will not be completed or warm anyone’s toes, sadly.


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12 responses to “Alas, the red socks!

  1. Manja

    Oh no! 😐 Wnatever could have happened to the sock & a half???

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    • I don’t know! Well, I am pretty sure the velcro on my bag is just too tired and sad to hold all the stuff inside and it rolled out on the bus. But it’s a guess….


  2. Oh no! I hope they turn up, or that someone somewhere completes them.


  3. oh arrrggghh…so sorry for your loss! How frustrating. And now I have to go and look up possum wool. Can’t imagine that from the possums here.


  4. We could make up a fantastic journey story for the poor lost socks. What an adventure they might be having…

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