A little dyeing


The winter seemed to go slowly to me.  I was sick a lot and had weeks of weariness that meant I wasn’t able to put my itchy fingers to use the way I’d like to. So one particular week of wind and spring rain, I decided on a very small project.  The cotton bag a purchase from Beautiful Silks arrived in met the remains of some soy milk that was in the fridge at work for too long.  Then it joined a shirt front previously prepared for dyeing.


I’ve been trying to walk more, so windblown eucalyptus leaves and opportunistic scores of leaves were added to the mix, and pretty soon I had a bundle.


I think the bag is much improved.  The way these prints turned out is so interesting–almost like an out-of-focus photograph.


And the shirt front stands ready for its next incarnation.


Finally,  since plastic troubles me more and more all the time, I took a leaf from Beautiful Silks‘ book and stitched parcels for these supplies, being returned to another city after use on national divestment (from fossil fuels) day rather than buying new plastic prepaid satchels.   And now to discover what the post office think about parcels that come stitched up in ancient flannelette sheet. [Update: the woman on the counter made a joke about me sending pillows through the post, asked how she was supposed to get stamps to stick to that, then answered her own question by saying that was her problem not mine]!



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12 responses to “A little dyeing

  1. Hope she did get stamps to stick on those fabric bags – such an excellent idea!

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  2. norma

    Love the dyeing. I’m interested in the cotton bag idea too.
    I haven’t packed up a parcel for the post that way but I do make drawstring bags to wrap presents. I figure they can be reused to pack parcels at the very least.

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  3. Nothing like natures mystery to strengthen your spirit. It was a very long cold wild wet grey winter….here’s to warmth and light. Thanks again for your gentle words of inspiration.

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  4. Well, your Post person is certainly a lot more accommodating than what you find around here. Actually being willing to tackle a problem, what a concept! Good for you and for her!

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  5. I hope you are free of all your winter sickness now 🙂 I wanted to tell you that I passed on string making from local plants in my school sewing club, thanks to you x

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