Turquoise socks

Back in the middle of the year, I invested in possum wool sock yarn. I have been knitting away… though I must admit the experience of losing the last pair on public transport has had me fretful for my own carelessness! The second pair are blue.  I clearly didn’t take any really early pictures.


But here we are on a houseboat, where friends have been working on (above) tea and treats and (below) a puzzle.  I’ve finished the first sock and here is the ball that is to become the second sock.


The pattern is what my dear friend has named ‘whimsical cabling’.


To put it another way, I cable when I feel like it, in whichever direction seems like a good idea at the time. 2016-12-08-11-40-03

And now these socks are off to Denmark, where it is heading into winter as we enter into summer.  The world is a rather amazing place…




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4 responses to “Turquoise socks

  1. Deb

    Lovely color. I also have had a set of socks go missing recently while traveling……they don’t only go missing in the dryer! 🙂

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  2. The yarn looks lovely and the random cables. I sympathise with the losing of the red socks. When out and about, I’ve twice left behind the handknit/hand-spun beret in my gravetar, but thankfully recovered it. Many a time have I had a panick rummage in my bag when knitting on public transport, usually after changing trains.

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    • Oh, Liz! I hear you on the changing trains situation. I lost my knitting twice this year–having never lost it before. The first time, I found it again but this time I was changing from bus to tram and must have left it on the bus unawares. I hadn’t even been knitting. Time to get over myself though… and keep knitting 🙂 Glad your beret made it to completion!

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