Shawl dyeing

Dear and lovely readers, it has been a while.  I’ve been on holidays and blessedly away from the keyboard.  But it hasn’t all been holiday blessedness… I’ve missed you!  And of course, much has happened in our world. It is going to take a fair few posts to catch you up on what has happened in localandbespoke land since last I wrote. But that should be fun, yes? Welcome and thank you to those who followed the blog while it was sleepier than usual! Let’s count our blessings as we roll up our sleeves to face the times we are in with courage and among friends.


A dear friend came to visit us over the holidays.  I met her in the peace movement in the 1990s and it has been my privilege to have her in my life through many changes in both our lives, since.


I bought some shawls and scarves from Beautiful Silks last year and have been dyeing them as gifts. I decided she might like one and set about giving it layers of walnut leaf and eucalyptus. I had a fairly major fail on getting good images of it before gifting it away. Summer sun here can be pretty brutal! Pictures aside, my friend loves this big, snuggly piece of merino wool.


It has gone to live at her beachside home.  She sent a lovely picture of it on her bed in a sunny room, with morning light flooding in and the rich colours of eucalyptus lighting it up in a different way.


What a treat to be able to share these colours and images and touches of what is local and lovely to me, with people who live in other beautiful places, with other trees and other views. It’s one glorious opportunity to share the love in a tactile way. I hope it will give her joy when times are good and comfort when it’s chilly and times are less kind.  She is a woman of courage, persistence and such an awesome intelligence and wit! Long may she be surrounded by love and good company (and the odd snug woolly item)…



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10 responses to “Shawl dyeing

  1. I’ve missed you too! I did wonder if you were away and having some free-from-keyboard time. Welcome back! Beautiful rich colours on the beautiful shawl. What a lovely and special friendship. Here’s to a wonderful dyeing year where nature continues to inspire and ground us when it seems part of the world has made every good and respectful human trait something to reject.


    • Dear Keryn, thanks for these kind compliments! I too think that nature is an important inspiration and solace. Let’s stick with compassion and respect and share them warmly with our friends and with strangers in these times. I know that is a project you are on. Me too. Many, many of us.


  2. Welcome back and happy new year!


  3. Jenai Hooke

    How wonderful it was to meet you in Allansford. Your blog adds value to my life, others lives and the planet and now that I have a real connection and not just a cyber one its a value added bog. Love your work!


    • Dear Jenai, you are so kind! It was such a treat to be in your workshop and among such lovely folk. I have come home feeling indigo-empowered. I’ve kept a 1-2-3 vat going over several days and when it ceased to reduce as well (my assessment) and I had no fructose left, I managed to get it to reduce with… honey. Reports in good time. Thanks for the experience and for building up my confidence and understanding. I love your work too!


  4. I missed your posts, but hoped you were off having some good vacation time. They are a badly needed distraction of love and loveliness to the appalling madness here.


  5. it’s one of the great joys, I find. dyeing something lovely and wrapping a dear one in it.

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