Some time back, I invested in India Flint’s wander cards for wayfaring wonderers.  I’ve had fine times pondering the packs for ‘in the mind and ‘in the armchair’ and left them in their original state for quite some time, but over summer the time came for the blank ones to slide into the dye pot.


As always (for me–others have more experience and skill, naturally) some blurred into watercolours and some came out crisp and amazing.


I like them all very much.


So now I have a pack of extra lovely cards, and of course I had another look at the silk they came wrapped in.  Once I really looked at it, and at the cards… it clearly needed to become a drawstring bag for them to live in.  And so it now is.


Here is  the other side, under the cards, looking all chocolate and caramel. Well, that says as much about me as it does about the silk!


A few weeks after that, when I was writing down yet another quote I might like to embroider, and wondering when I will actually make the time to embroider all the inspirational wisdom I might need to carry me through each and every day of the current times, I had a thought.  I will not abandon the embroidery plans, but now I know what is going onto these cards.  Maya Angelou… Maya Stein… and others, of course!





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16 responses to “Wandercards

  1. beautiful, a fabulous idea to note down interesting quotes

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  2. I must go and have another look at mine, put away safely, not sure I am capable of dying mine. Penny


  3. Great quotes, I might need a loan of them.😊


  4. christicarterphotography

    Absolutely splendid, absolutely ALL of it!!

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  5. carlseapatch

    Wonderful, perhaps they could be suspended on some lovely twine

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  6. norma

    Love the cards and the quotes. A good idea to combine them.

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  7. oh that makes me so happy!

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  8. what splendid marks ….. i must too play with mine …


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