Happy International Women’s Day!


Happy international women’s day, my friends!  I am feeling grateful today for all the women who came before me and put in such hard work to see that future generations (me included) would have the benefit of the vote, the right to run for parliament, and something much closer to equal pay than they ever knew.  And access to the professions, and to choices about marriage and family life.  And education.  And meaningful responses to violence in all its forms.  And so much more!


These images are of two of the champions of women;’s rights in my own little part of the world, Mary Lee and Dame Roma Mitchell.  I am celebrating today by going to sing I Can’t Keep Quiet in the International Women’s Day March.  We did a lovely flashmob a few weeks back with MILCK’s song, so some of us have practised up!  And in preparation for today, I knit some pussy hats.  I began with cochineal dyed wool.  I had been wondering when I would ever use it, and recognised this as the time!

Soon, I was off!

I decided to knit my pussy hats in the round, because, you know.  That’s how I roll on anything that could be knit in the round, and I’m not afraid to graft (Kitchener stitch).

Knitting while blogging?

Knitting on the train, because I usually do.  I just kept churning them out until I ran out of wool. Then I had some pinky purple-y handspun and it was a faster knit than the 8 ply (DK) commercial wool.  Finally, I had 4 pussy hats and a lot of conversations with people about what I was knitting that led to raised eyebrows and then conversations about contemporary politics and the inappropriateness of bragging about sexual assault.  I popped them in the mail to an Education Union in Victoria that was calling out for women to wear them in their IWD march.  I’m a member of a different education union, so that seemed completely appropriate to me.  I hope some women in Victoria will be stepping out in handmade pussy hats tonight and feeling fine!



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5 responses to “Happy International Women’s Day!

  1. Fabulous hats and idea to share them 🙂 Hopefully they will keep the wearer warm and make a good statement!
    Happy Women’s Day, in sisterhood

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  2. Happy International Women’s Day to you too. We have come so far but still have so far to go. I am besotted with Women”s AFL and cant believe that iits taken this long! Unbelievable. Makes me so emotional….and mad! My son did Women’s Studies at Flinders for a subject last year. I feel proud that his rabidly feminist mum has made him so much more aware. I think his generation will be incredibly different to those of today.

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    • My beloved is very excited about the women’s AFL too, and I had a surprise chat with a work colleague who bent my ear about getting chills because his AFL playing daughter can now aspire to play in a serious league. All to the good! I think your son’s generation will be a mixed bag, like our own–but I also hope things are moving forward over time. I am glad he’ll be in there seasoning it!


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