More winter guerilla gardening

Early one morning this week I went out with an Olearia, a ruby saltbush or two, and some bladder saltbush plants.  Really, I wanted to do some more weeding, still hoping to stay ahead of the poisoner on my culvert plantings, which are still small and therefore vulnerable.
I’ve planted out some areas in the neighbourhood with ground covers and small shrubs in an attempt to stop car drivers from perceiving the root zones of large trees as places they can freely park.  Several large eucalypts have died in our area in the wake of works that had large heavy machinery parked right up against their trunks.  I want to stop that happening again, and crowd out the places people park illegally during the Royal Show (when pressure on parking is at its peak for the year), doing lots of damage to shrubs and saplings as well as ground covers.  The Council eventually responded to calls to put in barriers that would prevent some of that parking, and I’m building on that protection and gradually reducing the zones people and dogs choose to walk through and enlarging those where plants can grow and birds, animals and insects can get on with their lives.  We have plenty of roads and paths already to my way of thinking. These saltbushes should grow to further reduce a throughway on this corner.
Then it was weeding, litter picking (gardening gloves mean I can pick up anything!) and home to breakfast and work.


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2 responses to “More winter guerilla gardening

  1. Khendra

    I had to think of you yesterday morning while driving to work, because they said on the radio that poisoning weeds in the public greens like between roads and such was no longer allowed here (and they are having trouble because of too few workers to get the weeding done). Can’t you petition for a ban on poisoning in your place?
    Have a beautiful day!

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    • That is such good news for where you live! Khendra, I’m just trying to decide how best to spend my time. I don’t think I can succeed in getting a ban on poison in my local area without a bigger campaign and more people who agree with me. So I’m doing what I can to make it unnecessary for the time being and committing my activist time to climate action. Your story is so hopeful! I hope you have a lovely day too.


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