A new ironing board cover

The old ironing board cover was made from a lovely but pre-loved piece of bark cloth that had begun to wear right through to the previous cover.  It was time.  I might be taking this ironing board to a workshop, so I want it to be in good shape! I had a big piece of stout orange and white striped cotton fabric my daughter gave me for a birthday.  It bears an IKEA label but she has begun to give me only second hand gifts, which I just love!  It makes me feel… that she sees me somehow.  So this item, perhaps a table cloth, has passed from hand to hand a few times in its lifetime with apparently little use, and in the right hand image I’m tracing around the ironing board before cutting out.

Next steps: finishing the edge and creating a casing, discovering a tool for threading cord through a very long casing in my sewing table, and inserting recycled cotton yarn into the casing.


Then, fitting damp cover over ironing board, tightening cord, and massaging into position.  Ta-da!


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6 responses to “A new ironing board cover

  1. Judy Cinerari

    It’s so good when your family understands your beliefs and doesn’t just think you’re crazy. Keep up the great posts, they’re always interesting.

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    • Hi Judy, thanks for your kindness! I completely agree. My whole family tolerate my being different from them quite kindly. But I do feel as though my daughter really sees me!


  2. When you were tracing the ironing board, how much larger did you make it to accommodate the casing?

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  3. Ha! I also have an orange cotton ikea fabric ironing board cover, but mine has birds on it. It’s very sturdy and is holding up well after several years of use.

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