BFL/Texel/Silk socks



Some considerable time ago, I bought a blue faced leicester/texel/silk blend roving designed for socks, and spun it into three-ply yarn.  A very fine yarn!  I seriously overachieved on spinning sock weight.  I finally decided to buy finer needles in order to knit it, and now it has become my first pair of no-nylon, no-superwash socks for the #tuffsocksnaturally project.


Here it is at a coffee shop where I believe I was knitting while reading (some of the) hundreds of pages of papers for a meeting.


Here it is at the Park-n-Ride (that’s a car park servicing a train station, basically) where I get off the train and wait for the bus. There is just no way to know what the other passengers think of all the sock shenanigans.  A few offer me shy grins and one bus passenger recently told me she used to knit a lot but no one wants her knitting anymore.  I feel blessed for my friends, all over again!


Here it is on the wide open road headed for a long weekend at Marion Bay. The photographer may have leaned over a bit.


Marion Bay was glorious.  Here, I’ll show you a little bit. But also there were dolphins, lots of dolphins, emus, lots of emus, kangaroos, and ladybirds, lots of ladybirds, and very many, very shy birds indeed.

And here the socks are, finished, in all their whimsically cabled glory.



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7 responses to “BFL/Texel/Silk socks

  1. Gorgeous yarn knit into stunning socks! A complete win!

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  2. What amazing plants and rocks….
    And a pair of perfectly matched socks???!!!
    : )
    Wishing you and yours a very happy Christmas holiday, however you celebrate!

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  3. Khendra

    Beautiful socks! I am looking forward to your experiences on how they will hold up to wear and wash.

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  4. Merry Christmas Mary, I think these socks are a triumph. I like that you started with what you had and the spinning and knitting are just beautiful. I don’t know about you but the deeper I get into this project, the more honed my exploration is getting. It is as if I had to get started to know what I didn’t know and the design of the exploration is arising as I go. What a wonderful adventure. Have a brilliant Christmas and see you back here in the new year.


    • Happy holidays, Rebecca! You write the best compliments. I love discovering the ways that I have acquired all kinds of information about sock knitting and spinning by wide reading and observation, and yet I keep discovering ways I have not integrated that information, and places where I inhabit a world of magical thinking. I am enjoying the collaboration no end, I am so grateful and glad you invited me into it, and I have my travel knitting prepared! See you in the new year. I hope yours will be spectacular.


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