More spinning


…some more fat yarns spun from the fleece of a sheep called Lentil, which have now gone to their new home with a friend who likes to knit fat yarns. Plus some yarn that had been dyed in a very weak vat of indigo or woad at some time in the past, now a soft green with some help from soursobs (oxalis), a common weed here.


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5 responses to “More spinning

  1. A sheep named Lentil! love it.
    Was thinking of you the other day while watching a program about English villages that featured Beatrix Potter’s – she donated the properties she had acquired to the Nat’l Trust with the condition that a local sheep breed (Herdwicks) be kept there in perpetuity. Doesn’t sound like they’d be good for the dye pots though!


  2. very pretty! thought you might like to know that the ph of the woad or indigo vat can affect further dyeing. Michel Garcia told us it’s better to do it the other way around, or you will eventually be back to just blue, so yellow first. no good for afterthoughts though!

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