Handspun socks in use 3

We visited a friend recently and of course, I was knitting away as we chatted.  I explained about the tuff socks naturally project and she brought out her entire sock drawer in which there were quite a few pairs knit by my own hands, some of which I don’t remember knitting!  There was just one hand spun pair, and they were quite recent.  Here they are finished in mid 2017.  They look very lightly worn indeed though she assures me she has been wearing them.  No signs of wear at all on this as-yet-young pair of tough knits.  Hopefully that speaks to the qualities of a suffolk/mohair/silk blend…


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6 responses to “Handspun socks in use 3

  1. those are quite the most lovely socks I have ever seen. just sayin.

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  2. Love the socks, and interesting to see the idea of using cotton thread for reinforcing rather than knitting in nylon thread. I think the re-footable sock that you mention is in Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitter’s Almanac. I knitted a pair from this book that she called a moccasin sock, where you knit the upper first then work in a sole that can be unravelled at a later date. I never got to test this method out as my better half put these socks in too hot a wash and felted them. They then fit me – great but I couldn’t unravel the sole!

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    • I own Knitters’ Almanac so I am sure you’re right about that (but now I’ll go look it up–thanks for the tip!) Ah, another story of sock suffering. It’s so hard when these things happen–but so much better that they still fit someone!


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