Mending the blanket

I have this blanket.  It doesn’t have a family history of emotional attachment; I found it in an op shop.  I can’t say what made me bring it home, it’s quite a strong shade of orange which isn’t entirely lovely.  It’s not in good repair.  It has fade lines from being left out in the sun too long on a washing line.  Some of its stitching had come undone when I brought it home.  Moths (well, moth larvae) had nibbled on it before it came to my house.IMAG5839

In a way, it is even more odd that I feel driven to mend this thing.  The holes are small enough they they will not lead to unravelling or any serious consequence.  I want to mend them anyway.  My beloved offered me a robust critique of this project one night recently, and there wasn’t a thing she said, that I didn’t accept.  Yet, I started mending it in 2015.  I notice in that post I think the blanket is rather lovely! Apparently I have been less sure of its loveliness recently… but no less attached to it.

These holidays, I sat the sewing kit on my bed and mended a few more holes each day until I had a big evening session and finally mended all the little holes the moths left. Things I’ve noticed: how lovely it is working with the silk embroidery thread from Beautiful Silks, and in colours I’ve dyed with plants.   That I have settled on the number of strands I like using best.  That my sense of how to use thread, and how to work with colour,  has changed.  How comfortable I feel with these odd little grids in mismatched colours sprinkled over my blanket.  How confident I feel that this blanket and I will spend many more years together, and maybe in that time, there will be more mends, or simply more stitching.  So I guess the reality is that this blanket from the op shop now does hold emotional resonance of some kind, even if it’s hard to say exactly what or why.  It’s a blanket, after all.  I don’t really feel like there has to be an accounting for these things.  Though I like its warmth very much when the season calls for it.


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9 responses to “Mending the blanket

  1. I had a much loved vintage find, that I spent quite some time on (between washing and mending).
    After much TLC, moths (re)claimed it, sadly. Such a shame as it was one of my favourite Scottish tartans and of a very good old quality (my blogpost on the Burkraft blanket:

    I’m glad that yours is still with you! One question: is it orange or pink? the pics on my monitor show in a rich pink.

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  2. norma

    I love the mends. You’ve built up an interesting piece with all the mending.
    It’s really hard to know why some things get mended and others don’t.
    I’ve mended some very run of the mill textiles. I don’t understand where the impulse comes from.

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  4. You have inspired me to take on a vintage camp blanket passed to us from my husband’s mother. Thanks, Mazzaus!

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