PS: More on mending


Just as I felt the mending was done, I found two–two!  Holes had worn through in my pyjamas.  The fabric is so thin.  I decided a big patch and a lot of machine stitching was the solution this time.  Here it is on the inside (below).  The patch was just a scrap left over from cutting something else out and I decided it was fine as it was.  Making it a rectangle didn’t seem likely to improve it.


Then I realised how many patches there already were. At least three–with some pictures from the inside and some from the outside below. Some of these look just like scribbling to me.

And that same day, I mended the stiffening rectangle at the bottom of a shopping bag… and my beloved handed over some ripped jeans for repair!


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7 responses to “PS: More on mending

  1. Manja Visschedijk

    Awesome mending Amazing pjs 🤗

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  2. That fabric is very pretty! I would want those pj’s to last too! We went through a long spell of little money while I attended university in California. I had to make everything last beyond its wear date. I even mended our bath towel edges when they gave way. I still have many of those towels from 30 years ago… and gladly use them for catching mud at the mudroom door and drying the dog now. There is a good feeling in making something last well past its expected life instead of just tossing it and buying new.

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