Rinse and repeat

If these socks look familiar, its because a beloved friend brought me two skeins of lovely wool naturally dyed by Aurinkokehra. I knit a pair of socks from the first skein not so long ago and in the end, could not resist knitting another.  I’ve repeated the calf shaping, reinforcing stitches,  and the cotton and silk reinforcing thread.  The result is equally delightful.  There is something about yarn that changes colour as you knit that I really enjoy.  Such a well chosen gift for me!  These socks contain no nylon and no superwash–so I guess that they might be #tuffsocksnaturally but the yarn is certainly not my handspun.



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3 responses to “Rinse and repeat

  1. What cheerful colours!
    Thanks for sharing about the reinforcing -it’s really interesting and I should try it one day. I’d be interested to her how the reinforced socks fare in comparison to the normal ones, because I’d prefer to avoid nylon.
    Have a lovely weekend!

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  2. Sounds like a tuff sock to me. I love how your methods for strengthening a sock are so applicable to a range of yarns, handspun and millspun. The majority of handknit socks are millspun, so these are important skills/knowledges to learn and share.

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