More striped socks…

You probably remember the last pair of Kit Couture Garpen Socks–not so long ago!  There was quite a bit of wool left over.  So I decided I could surely make a second pair (and pulled out my scales just to check).  here I am at the railway station on my way to work with a cunning plan (also, a pair of socks to post, lunch and a chia pudding in a vegemite jar–I love a good plan).


Here I am making headway on a night train.


Then came the sudden realisation (in a day long meeting) that, in fact, these socks were not going to match at all.  I’d like to pretend this was a decision I made, but it was not.  At this point I decided it would not be OK to rip out in a meeting, and quite frankly, I didn’t fancy ripping out anyway and–I quite like them.  Though that is the self serving attitude, I admit!


And here they are in all their glory…


Mismatched or glorious?



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11 responses to “More striped socks…

  1. Definitely a designer feature!
    I live mismatched socks of that style 😉

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  2. Yes, go for it! They are lovely. But only wear them around the house without shoes so you can show off their uniqueness.

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  3. Judy Cinerari


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  4. Great match! And at least you can hitch your trouser legs up on the train and watch all the faces when they think you’re wearing odd ones…

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  5. definitely glorious!

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