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There has been some spinning going on in the evenings.  As I prepare Suffolk fleece for spinning, I’ve been spinning yarn for #tuffsocksnaturally.  The top image is one of the recent skeins with more ply twist than previously. However, there has also been some regular spinning.  Below, the fleece of a lawn mowing pet sheep who might be a Polwarth–the sheep belongs to a friend of a friend and the fleece is rather soft and lovely, while my preparation lacked some care and made it harder to spin than it might have been.   I find it really hard to wash very dirty, very greasy fleece effectively, always ending up with more sticky grease and filth than I can readily enjoy, or somewhat felted fleece that has been very much handled and rinsed a great deal!  I’m wondering now what it is to become.  Honour its softness and make hats?  Make cushy slippers for a friend who has requested slippers that I have not yet been able to knit?  Spoiled for choices, that’s me.



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2 responses to “Background spinning

  1. Rebecca

    I too struggle with the fine high grease fleeces. My best method so far seems to be breaking the fleece up into lingerie bag sized portions and trying to let as much hot soapy water enter the staples as possible. The first wash i make super hot and leave for 20 mins, then i put it into a hot rinse to try and keep any lanolin as liquid as poss. I’ve had to rewash a number of fleeces recently.

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    • I have tried several different methods including that one… the heat is definitely an important factor and one I can’t achieve using tap water. I find the lingerie bag method is good for a clean-ish fleece, one without too much VM–but with these pet sheep covered in seeds, grass, pine needles, and such… none of that can escape if I use the bags. Hrm. Still so much to learn.


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