Planting the Correas

I have had more success with propagating correas (from cuttings) than previously, and so–the correa alba babies go out into the big wide world.

I have planted them in a spot the council has installed a watering system. The parent plant for all these cuttings almost died in the 47C heat of summer.

Here’s hoping they make it!

Muddy jeans, a bucket with empty pots and tools in it.


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4 responses to “Planting the Correas

  1. Gardener knees! with sashiko.
    : )

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  2. I thought of you as I read this story. The shortsightedness of bureaucracies. This subway entrance is an immensely long escalator/stair down into concrete tunnel hell. The system here was built in best 70s brutalist style.

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