Pincushion + Cushion

I have tried a few pincushions thinking I’d like to go beyond the commercial ones I own. This one has been so long in the making I’ve lost track of its antecedents on the internets–there is no longer anything like it at I even completed the embroidery on the top ages ago and apparently squibbed (that is, acted on my cowardice) at the sewing it together stage.

Then my sweetheart requested a very specific cushion and it occurred to me that it was about the size and shape of this rather large pincushion–and so a second item came to be. Two layers of a t shirt that was waiting to become part of a quilt batting. I’m happy that part of the image has lived to see another life!

Small round green cushion with design of a dandelion in black

I’ve also had some fun ripping apart business clothing I will no longer need. It came from the op shop and is a bit far gone to go back there and expect to be sold again. Rather than have it enter waste or rag streams, I’ve converted it to component parts and begun transforming it into bags, beginning with drawstring bags…


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10 responses to “Pincushion + Cushion

  1. What do you use to fill the pincushions? They’re so pretty!

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  2. Rhonda Bradley

    Very impressive pin cushion, that will be a joy as you pin and stitch into the future. Also like the design of the black and green printed knit fabric.
    What will you be using your drawstring bags for?

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    • Thanks Rhonda… I use them as gift wrapping, I keep my giveaway hankies in one, I carry books in one, use them when I’m travelling to keep small things corralled in my suitcase…


  3. jilloy

    I love both pincushions!
    There is a similar sashiko themed pin cushion in ‘making’ No. 3 Dots. You reminded me that I have it tagged!

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  4. that pincushion format reminds me of a ‘pouf’ my family had when I was small…made from the skin of some unfortunate goat, it had been purchased from an insistent boat-based seller in the Suez, I think. I recall that my mother had stuffed it with worn-out clothing, so that it was quite firm (not pouffy at all!). sadly consumed by flames in 1983… you’ve inspired me to make a replica, though I shall not be sacrificing a goat (even if it does eat my trees).

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    • I am glad your goat is safe! We had a pouf when I was small though I fear there was nothing romantic about it. Beige vinyl, I’d say. It was very firm indeed, stuffed with some kind of cotton waste. It suffered a catastrophic incident when we all had chicken pox one winter and the urge to get small bodies covered in calamine lotion spots closer and closer to the heater proved irresistible! I hope to see your new one when it’s done.


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