I’ve been working on my fabric stash for quite a while, and found I was now struggling to decide what could become bags–and my attention turned to the plant dyed woollen blanket stash. Having made quite a few larger items–the question of what to do with the small scraps arose (inevitably). And so, a very large number of needle books came into existence.

And then some more, and some more. The stash of random small quantities of string went into the mix, and eventually home made string also got used!

I guess I will now have to work on creating some mending kits…


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3 responses to “Needlebooks

  1. Rebecca Marsh

    These are just exquisite and so very useful. Such a inspiring wee objects. I am struck with the thought that these little beasties only exist because of your desire to make useful things from scraps. Imagine setting out to make many hand dyed woollen needle books featuring hand stitching and hand made, hand dyed string! No one would embark on such a thing, but here they are, in existence with such beauty because they are scraps from other projects. How wonderful. How precious.

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    • How absolutely right you are that they only came into existence from the wish or perhaps the urge to make scraps into useful items! And I have to admit that now I have a pile of them I’m considering a mend-in where they could be given away! I love what “using up” gives rise to.

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  2. Reblogged this on Tales from the Ballarat Bespoke Knitter and commented:
    Absolutely beautiful works of art

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