Dye day at the Guild Hall

My fellow plant dyer and Guild member Hedgerow Weaver (who is an exquisite spinner and weaver as well as a dyer and blogger) asked if I’d help with an international collaboration where Guilds swap plant dyed yarns and weave them. I remain, thus far, unable to weave. So my role was to help with the dyeing, which I was glad to do. A third Guild member also joined us in our endeavours and conversations. I arrived with E Cinerea from my neighbourhood and a friend’s backyard tree, and E Scoparia bark foraged from the footpaths of my neighbourhood in unromantic but practical chook feed sacks.

The Guild has a dye room with multiple burners, and I took my two burners as well… and with a great deal of constant monitoring we managed to dye a substantial quantity of yarn. I had ten people coming for dinner so was concerned to arrive before they did!

We obtained nice strong colours on the wool. I seem to have neglected to take any “after” photos though!

As each batch was done we moved it into a bucket to continue steeping, while the next was heated.


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2 responses to “Dye day at the Guild Hall

  1. Couldn’t’ve done it without you, your knowledge of eucalyptus dyeing and your supplies of gum leaves – thanks heaps! I still haven’t managed to gather enough sideroxylon leaves for the weft, but the parrots are regularly “pruning” the neighbours’ tree and leaving gifts on the footpath.

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