Transformations: Jeans to bags

I received a copy of Make and Mend by Jessica Marquez for Christmas, and I just can’t resist a bag, apparently. I loved the idea of a feature embroidered pocket, and did I ever have jeans in need of transformation. Some from op shops and some from friends who have heard I can make something from their dead clothing.

I found a nice sized tin for the needed supplies and well before we hit this current period of staying home, I was stitching my way through train trips and visits and such like.

I liked the first one so much it grew into a series (those who have followed this blog for a while will recognise this phenomenon). Eventually I batched out the straps and the bags and the linings, several of which were made with last summer’s indigo experiments.

Eventually I had a series of bags. My father actually commented that one of these was quite elegant. Coming from him, an astonishing compliment!

Lining shot.

And the view from the back. A project so thoroughly satisfying that as I write this post I have started stitching some more pockets!!


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5 responses to “Transformations: Jeans to bags

  1. Chris Beardsley

    Hi there, I couldn’t get your link to work, fyi

    Chris Beardsley 0407946908



  2. Absolutely beautiful bags and helping the environment in the process. Well done.

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  3. I haven’t heard of that book, but now that our libraries, only 3 so far, have re-opened maybe I can track it down. Obviously we are to be kept ignorant in our part of the city as neither of the two libraries in our part of the city are open yet.

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