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Dear readers, here is a little post I wrote and overlooked weeks ago, while I try to create some new posts 🙂

This is just a little round up of things at my house in the last few weeks, that aren’t especially crafty. I pruned the lime tree. Also the nectarine and the peach, but they are not fruiting! I used the sugar I had and made marmalade. Then later my parents were shopping and brought me more so I made a second batch!

I got a crisis call for support from someone new to town who needed seeds. Into the post!

Our suburb is showing the love and solidarity with rainbows. So I made this. The last two triangles are made from a friend’s dead jeans, given to me for reuse!

I opted out of the toilet paper drama in this country for the most part, with a reused squirt bottle and some dead t shirts. Thanks to the friends who posted about this and inspired me.

The slow conversion of indigo dyed fabric to hankies continues and was massively assisted by new ‘fine’ needles and a service of my sewing machine.

I mail ordered prepaid postage satchels when it became clear that I wouldn’t be seeing some people for a long while. I could not resist this Australia Post postcard. Although it depicts the biggest open cut mine in the hemisphere (apologies if some other horrible project has since overtaken it)–it has been made to look like a work of art. Many years ago I went there (Kalgoorlie, WA) with a friend on our way to Perth. I had not really understood what the SuperPit was even though I’d known many open pit mines, and when my friend asked where we used to live–I had to point into the hole that had swallowed the entire town, many other mines, the house we used to live in, and so much more…

Finally, success with (dwarf) dyer’s coreopsis!

And there you have my little photographic round-up…


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9 responses to “Other things

  1. Love the coreopsis! I’ve partly opted out of the “bog roll barney” too after reading Nadja’s Garden post but never thought of using a squirt bottle. Hmmm I can see we need to chat details 🙂

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  2. glensbirdonawireGlen

    Your posts are always so inspiring 🙏. Is the fabric for the hankies cotton?

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  3. Nice to see the coreopsis growing. All the seeds (veggies etc) I showed earlier in the year have been vandalised by the possums, but I’ll try a second batch in the next hols.

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    • Physical barriers are the only thing that protects any if our plants! It is very interesting what they will and won’t eat… But it does make for challenging gardening.


  4. Alison Schwabe

    As I scrolled down I came to the Superpit postcard and thought ‘that looks familiar’ … I had been showing someone a non-photoshopped pic of it only the other day, no doubt from the same point on the lookout/visitors centre on our last visit back in 2013, a Mines Hockey Club reunion. We lived in house #17 on the Great Boulder for about 7 years until my husband was retrenched in 1975; then in 1981 we went back again, and lived at 134 Piesse St. Loved Kal.

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    • So we may have lived in Kal at the same time but I was in primary school! I reckon we left in 1975 too–no mystery in that part. I still remember being at Girl Guides in Boulder and being asked to read a weather report with Piesse St in it, when I was new in town and naturally, could not pronounce it! I loved it too. I was heartbroken when we left!


    • PS my father worked for WMC so we were living on a different lease.


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