Moko Trews and Baby Shoes

The lovely Marion from Beautiful Silks sent me two sets of blanks for “moko trews”–trousers for the grandbub. One layer in cotton (the lining) and one in silky merino (the outer).

They were just so glorious! I dyed the outers and set about constructing them. It took a little while and then they were just SO cute!

Into the very slow mail service they went. Weeks passed. At the time, this was not surprising.

Australia Post says they were delivered and left in a safe place, but apparently not, because they have utterly vanished. And so, my friends, has a second parcel.

I made some more baby shoes–graded up in size, insulated for warmth, and hand embroidered, with nice stout soles. Let’s overlook their defects…

I very much hope that these two parcels ended up with people who could use these items so lovingly made and involving such a kind gift to me… and not just in someone’s bin by the side of a road. I wish they could at least have left my cards to the dear ones that I have now not seen in person for months, whose comfort I’ve been trying to raise in times of challenge. But I guess I’ll never know.


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4 responses to “Moko Trews and Baby Shoes

  1. oh nooooo…..fervent wishes that they somehow miraculously reappear. Both items are so lovely.

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  2. Bec Plumbe

    So upsetting when an important parcel goes astray. I normally have good luck with AusPost but have had a few parcels disappear (like yours, claiming to have been delivered) in the last 2 years. During COVID, I’ve been having things delivered to the house but normally I get my AusPost items delivered to a parcel locker in their own buildings. I haven’t had delivery problems with those but I did have 2 that got completely lost _during_ delivery for about 11 weeks over Christmas! There are definitely some weird things going on there. I don’t think them subcontracting delivery out is working that well. The AP head honcho did recently want to change letter delivery to every 2 days, she said to free up their own posties to take over more of the parcel deliveries. Controversial but it does sound like the way of the future for AP.

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