So much mending

Have I mentioned the mending? Sometimes one item a day, sometimes two! This is the sole of my beloved’s favourite slipper. But there is so much more.

The winter underthings have had a lot of mending. Some are now pretty ancient and well worn.

This one had a lot of mending after a m*th attack some time back, but this time… so much more.

This is the under arm seam of a long sleeved t shirt. Just a tiny hand stitched patch!

There are also the maxi-mends, this set on another undergarment. These are silky merino patches cut from sewing scraps, hand stitched onto a stretch wool garment. The speckle-stitches are on the right side, and the long stitches are on the inside.

Then there was mending a favourite old jumper for a friend. She had started mending it in red, and I had some matching sock yarn so…

Naturally, that’s just the start! Repeating the cycle of repairing ladders, stabilising holes and then knitting in a patch…

Until finally… and after some a blanket stitch intervention to stabilise threadbare and unravelling cuffs, followed by some crochet crab stitch over the top…

More maxi mending with patches inside… (and old mends clearly visible).

One day I realised these otherwise comfy socks had two threadbare patches and a big hole and were well past darning really, so stitched in some silky merino scraps to keep them in service (this is what happens when you have a lot of Zoom meetings and a lot of holey clothes, I reckon).

And beside all this there has been regular old brown on brown mends in jumpers and the restitching on facings onto collars and all the usual. Mend on, my friends!


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9 responses to “So much mending

  1. Your mendings are all works of art.

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  2. Yay! It’s funny how the mending is done and then kapow! a whole lot more comes along. I thought I had finished mine a week or so ago but then I went through the heel of my soch and my favourite woollen singlet needs some darns. I have been watching @hikaru_noguchi_design on Instagram on Friday nights. She does an hours darning from 10.30pm for you (11.00 pm for me) on her Instagram page. I find it remarkably soothing. She’s bilingual English and Japanese and I love her approach. You can also watch the previous sessions on her page even if you don’t see them live. My darning has improved no end from watching her.

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  3. Rhonda

    Thanks for sharing your mending achievements, so worth while investing time in old friends. X

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