Underwear stories

I have been astonished to realise that one of my friends who feels the cold profoundly has forgotten about the part where you wear a close fitting garment against your skin.

As a child, this was the way I was always dressed in winter–with a sleeveless underthing below my other layers. We called this garment a singlet. So I asked my friend whether she was wearing wool against her skin and her eyes popped. I went home and went to the dye pot with some knit silky merino. It dyes like a dream. I sewed the main seams with the overlocker and then hand finished the hems.

Here is the view from the back.

I made it nice and long, the better to keep her warm. She was so astonished by the difference this made, that I got a message asking how long she could wear it without washing it! So I made some more.

These two are both dyed with E Scoparia, but the two trees have very different leaves, as you can see. My friend’s beloved sent me a message to say she loves these so much she had created a gallery and hung them on the wall, and she is wearing them every single day. And feeling so warm!

In this period a clean up in the front room turned up a wool knit singlet bought from a chain store. Now, did a different friend buy it and give it to me to dye? Did I find it in an op shop and save it for later? Neither of us could remember, but here is the outcome (and I yes, gave it to her).

And there is the end of this underwear story!!


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12 responses to “Underwear stories

  1. Beautiful… too lovely to be hidden as under wear 🥰

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  2. Audrey

    We called them vests in South Africa and the were made from cotton knit!

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    • Vests! That does seem appropriate, even though I grew up using that word for a sleeveless garment worn over a shirt. But cotton was the thing for us too. Still very cosy.


  3. And in these parts they are called undershirts….
    And these are gorgeous!

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  4. Lovely work as usual. I also have merino wool underpants which are not only good in winter, but are an absolute joy to wear in hot, humid climates (I aam talking late monsoon SE Asia), absolutely no chafing.
    As an added bonus they also gave me some extra offcuts, when I asked, in case some repairs are needed I did make a run through pulling vigorously on the top edge. Oops.

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  5. Gorgeous. I love that you made it longer. Brilliant. Nothing worse than spending the day tucking in every few minutes 🙂

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  6. Nice work pet! And wool singlets can be worn for at least a month before they start to pong…cos wool is magic

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