Overalls #2: Linen edition and #3 Heavy Duty Cotton Drill

The first pair of overalls went well enough that my friend was keen for another pair! I had been given a huge quantity of fabric, most of it upholstery weight; and I re-homed it to a new asylum seeker sewing project through STTARS; friends who sew; some Boomerang bags; a kindergarten… you name it, I organised fabric for it! And still had some left. One of the things I love about making clothing is being able to put little personal secret details into it, like giving my friend chicken pockets soon after they have started keeping hens!

It’s a gorgeous fabric, though heavy enough I think they are going to be winter overalls.

I faced the bib and the braces with a pair of capri pants from the op shop I happened to also have… also linen.

I think they really need a human inside them to look good finished, but this is my best offer for now!

The next pair used up some of my vintage cotton thread and feature sunny yellow pockets on the inside…

Hrm. Here is another image that isn’t going to make the front cover of Vogue [sigh!! obviously my lifelong dream–not]. Colour me happy that I got a request for overalls from someone else, who had seen the first two pairs, and here is her pair almost finished…


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2 responses to “Overalls #2: Linen edition and #3 Heavy Duty Cotton Drill

  1. Nice makes!
    Glad that you found the suitable hardware 🙂

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