Sharing economy

This is just a gratuitous koala photo. We went for a bush walk with friends and once back at the car park–saw this!

This is me ready to go to yoga, with my non-standard bolster in one pannier, and four bunches of parsley for the Grow Free cart in the other. They were all gone by the time I pedalled back!

I am loving the traffic of books in and out of the street library my beloved has made (with help from my father and the gift of a cabinet from hard rubbish from a friend).

This is what I’ve been doing with yoghurt pots and excess seedlings over summer.

Meanwhile, public art! Gratitude to those who have the skill to adorn, and to local councils who fund projects like this.

I managed to give all these things away on Buy Nothing, to people who were glad to have them. I really did not hold out hope for the (new, removed) insoles. And I am sorry other folks need jumper leads as much as I needed them in the past! Those nappies… given to my daughter and left with me, now gone to where they will at least be used before being disposed of.

And a few more parsley adventures. Since we are rich in parsley!

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