Guerilla gardening success

Dear reader, I thought you might enjoy a little success story. When I started work on this spot, it was a weedy spot covered in broken glass and rubbish. It’s a culvert near a railway station.

Summer and woolly scale, and a neighbour with his own opinions about the management of this space, have taken their toll, but even so, this space is green now. It is no longer a place people go to smash glass. The first post I can find with images of this site is in 2016. It has changed a great deal!

It is now possible for larger plants like wattles to sprout of their own accord in this spot, though they do not all survive human intervention. I’m still weeding and picking up rubbish. But no longer do people pass and tell me that nothing will grow here. Instead they can tell what I am doing, and in some cases they have seen me there often, weeding and choosing sedge starts to propagate in pots at home. Some pass positive comment, and I wave at passing train drivers as they gaze down on me in this spot stopping by the weed on my way past from a run or train trip.


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4 responses to “Guerilla gardening success

  1. Oh well done! I recognise that spot!

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  2. Sue Hetzel

    It looks so green now! Thank you, it’s an inspirational story.

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    • Awww, I am so touched that others feel the way I do about guerilla gardening Sue! It’s slow but it’s satisfying to see sad and neglected parts of the neighbourhood gradually come good and green!


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