Dyeing adventures

There has been far too little dyeing in the last few months–we have had a full house and a two year old living with us at times, with plenty of other things to do! I’ve managed to overfill my own personal plate, as is my wont, or failing, or superpower. Or perhaps all three. And there have been big events, house painting, all kinds of things going on. But I did have a trip to visit my friend Marion at Beautiful Silks who had new products she wanted to try out for dyeing. We had so much fun! Her garden is a place of wonder, and the now-closed dye studio has been a place I have passed many a lovely, learning-filled day.

It’s so much fun to dye fabrics I wouldn’t necessarily chooose, combine fabrics and leaves I might not, and use plants I don’t have ready access to at home. Watch what Marion decides to do or ask for. And… we just stretched out into hours of playtime.

There was folding and clamping.

And some of my preference for rolling!

What fun.

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